Looking for a new home?

Love Homes works with some of the largest household names in new house building in the UK.

Providing on the ground local support from project inception to completion, we deliver comprehensive sales and marketing solutions for property developers and house builders throughout the central and south Bedfordshire area.

We Love New Homes too

New homes are much need in Bedfordshire, and it’s always a great pleasure to see them turned into much loved homes by our buyers.

That’s why we create effective multi-platform and social media marketing strategies for developers and builders and help speed up the sales process, freeing them up to do what they do best, build more new homes.

We also provide our new home clients show home management services including dedicated new home consultants to provide in-person sales and viewing services.

Our database of pre-registered investors and buyers are also notified of any new planned projects and are often early bird investors in new developments.

We're Way Ahead On Off-Plan Sales

In today’s highly competitive market, selling off-plan is the ultimate goal for any developer so to kick start the process we offer incredibly affordable and stunningly realistic virtual 3D tours of developments created from plans alone.

Our virtual tours allow potential buyers and investors to walk through fully furnished properties from the comfort and safety of their own homes, and before the first brick has even been laid.

Tours can include virtual drone footage and external views of the entire development where viewers can drop into individual properties or they can be simply one or two examples of each property.

All tours are individually quoted and based on area and number of rooms, bespoke or template interior designs.

Search and Locate Service

Working with local area and county planners, and utilising our vast amount of local knowledge, we also provide search and locations services to help our clients identify prime locations for development or redevelopment.

We liaise and negotiate with landowners on behalf of our clients and provide informed advice on potential demand and local issues to help developers reduce wasted time and resources on projects that are unlikely to be approved now or in the near future.

So, whether you have a site already in development or would like help finding the ideal location for next new house building project, please get in touch with our new home specialists today.

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